Blowing Rock: The Myth Behind the Sight

I remember visiting The Blowing Rock as a child. My mother would never let me go to the edge of the rock in fear that I would fall off. I also told her I would be fine because the wind would just carry me back up. She never bought it.

The Blowing Rock became a tourist attraction due to its distinct wind pattern and the legend that explains that wind flow. Due to the rock formation’s shape and the gorge where the rock is located, the wine blows upwards at that particular point. But according to legend, it is the Great Spirits who changed the laws of nature for love. The legend tells of a Cherokee brave being in love with the chief’s daughter.

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Why We Are Staying at a Hotel for Raleigh Supercon

This post is part of a series in partnership with Raleigh Supercon.

After much debate, my husband, Trae, and I decided to get a hotel for Raleigh Supercon. The thing is we live about an hour away. We have done cons before where we drive home for the night and return the next day, but considering that Raleigh Supercon is slowly morphing into our seventh wedding anniversary celebration, we both figured treating ourselves to a hotel was the right decision.

But our wedding anniversary wasn’t our only reasoning for getting a room. Some other reasons we decided to get a hotel were:

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Boone, NC: A Perfect Writer’s Retreat

My Boone home last week

Let’s be real for a second: Life is hard, and sometimes a girl just needs to escape to the mountains. I hadn’t been writing on the blog as much and in general, just feeling overwhelmed, so I did something a little unexpected for me. I booked a treehouse cabin/tiny house in Boone, NC for a whole week. Just me and the trees. And ya’ll, it was incredible. I started this post while in Boone, writing while I was drinking coffee, listening to the Moana soundtrack (my newest obsession), and looking at the mountains. My soul couldn’t have asked for more.

My morning view while drinking coffee

I booked the cabin based off of seven atrocious, blurry photos on VRBO and a gut feeling that this place was meant to be mine. I am so happy I listened to my gut. Trees surrounded the cabin, and each morning I have had my coffee while sitting on a giant rock. Friday I didn’t even leave the cabin but instead sat in the hot tub while the rain sprinkled down, sipping wine. Pure bliss.

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Randomness on the Road to Bath

This really isn’t a post. It is more of a “Wow. North Carolina can be a super random state!” When Trae and I went to Bath, I found myself telling Trae to make u-turns because I just had to get a shot of this most bizarre/ random/ awesome thing for Instagram.

It wasn’t until after the trip and I started editing my photos that I realized I just had to share them on the blog. So please, enjoy this “not really a post, but more of a visual journal with some commentary” post!

This Yogi Bear, located on some twisty backroads, was the mascot for a defunct storage unit business.

Hey, Boo-Boo!

Before going to Bath, we ended up in Belhaven, which happens to be the perfect setting for a Twilight Zone episode. The town has an apocalyptic feel with a few upscale boutiques spread out among the abandon storefronts. Everyone walking around was either multi-colored from finishing a color run or wearing wife beaters with cut-off jeans.

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Visiting Bath, NC: North Carolina’s Oldest Town

As a kid, I always took field trips to Old Salem. I guess since my routine was to visit Old Salem, I never really have given much thought to other historic towns in North Carolina. So I washistoricexcited when we accidently found ourselves in Bath, NC a couple of Saturdays ago.

Bath is North Carolina’s oldest town. This minuscule town was founded in 1705 by John Lawson. Lawson also founded the town of New Bern, NC, which is another quaint place to visit. Bath was the capital of North Carolina until 1722. But what people remember about Bath is the notorious pirate Blackbeard lived there. Apparently, Bath was the town he retired to, but he got bored and returned in piracy. I can image a town of about 50 residents would be boring compared to pirating.

Today the town is still very small. In 2010, the population was about 249. I honestly think my neighborhood has more than 249 people! With such a small population, the town gives off a relaxing and lazy vibe. We picked up a Historic Bath Walking Tour brochure at the Vistors Center, the only somewhat modern looking building in Bath, and proceeded to wandered down the middle of the street, rarely having to move for cars. We would have walked on the sidewalks, but there were none to be found.

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Videri Chocolate: Satisfying the Sweet Tooth

Videri Chocolate in Raleigh, NC is a sweetery and coffee shop located on the outskirts of downtown. Honestly, it is the perfect place to go for a light dessert after an amazing meal at The Pit or Jose and Sons.

Photo from Videri’s Facebook page

Videri Chocolate has a rustic feel with exposed beams and brickwork. To the right is glass cases filled with truffles. To the back left is the coffee shop where shipping chocolate is being churned.

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Top Four Travel Websites

Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC

One of the biggest lessons we have learned in our six years of marriage is that “adventure is out there…if you say yes to it” Sure most of that motto from Pixar’s UP, but it is true.

When Trae and I started dating way back in the day, I had him doing some pretty random stuff: swimming at the Lake Hartwell dam, sliding down Sliding Rock near Boone, NC, and even swimming in Clemson University’s reflection pond. I had to drag him most of the time, especially when it came to hoping the fence to get to the dam’s swimming hole, but when we got to the end destination, he had a blast. My wanderlust pairs nicely with his reality. (I every once in awhile need to be reminded of the logistics of things. Unless that thing is getting on a plane to Vietnam, then all bets are off.)

A very young Carrie sliding down Sliding Rock

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Retrying Crank Arm Brewery in Raleigh, NC

crank arm outside

“Let’s go to Crank Arm. I hated it.”

Never thought that I would say those words to my husband. Honestly, we had written off Crank Arm in Raleigh, NC when we tried it several years ago after it had been written up in a prominent publication. I can’t remember the exact one; it may have been one of New York Time‘s travel articles. When we tried it, we thought all the beers tasted the same and didn’t offer the dimension in flavors like Trophy Brewing or LoneRider. But we kept hearing our friends rave about how good the beer was there.

bike at crank arm

So that is how I found myself telling my husband a couple of Sundays ago that we should retry Crank Arm. And to be honest, it wasn’t as bad as I remember.

Crank arm beer list

We got the flight of Crank Arms staple beers: Whitewall (Belgian Wheat with Citra), Unicycle (single hop ale), Rickshaw (American Rye IPA), Darkways (dark Saison with blackberries), and Eat Sleep Bike (extra special bitter).

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Raleigh’s Growing Con Scene

playthrough games

Trae and I went to PlayThrough gaming con in Raleigh on February 25. When we first moved here four years ago, we didn’t realize Raleigh had a con scene, but since discovering it, we have become hooked. And lucky for us, Raleigh’s con scene is growing.

PlayThrough is a smaller con held at the Raleigh Convention Center. A significant portion of the con floor is reserved for gaming from board games to vintage Nintendo games. Another part of the floor is for vendors and game developers. Trae and I had a blast walking around and testing out games like Sausage Drop and Rocket League. We also attended some great panels. I really enjoyed Shawn Long‘s talk on “How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel.” Honestly, the steps for creating a successful YouTube channel and creating a successful blog aren’t that different.


Last year’s OakCity was set up very similar to PlayThrough. The only major different was PlayThrough’s cosplay contest seemed to be a lot more organized. I honestly hadn’t even planned on entering PlayThrough’s contest, but a fairy told me I had to. Judging for Oak City’s cosplay contest took over an hour, which caused us to miss a lot of the con’s activities. Oak City’s judging did take place on the main stage area, so while waiting in line, Trae and I could people watch. However, PlayThrough’s judging was in a separate room and took like five minutes. Quick and painless!

Toad cosplay
Is it just me or does it look like Mario is giving me bunny ears?

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Tapped: The Best Place to Grab a Pint in Greenville, NC

Beer can day

Did you know today is Beer Can Appreciation Day? I know this sounds odd, but I love beer cans. I think beer companies come up with some of the punniest names and greatest art for their cans.

beer can day 9

Lonerider Brewery just rebranded, and I love their new look.  I keep wondering what kind of DIY I can come up with so I can turn those cans into coasters.

beer can day 7

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