Restaurants Within Walking Distance of the Raleigh Convention Center

Bare Bones Burger

Raleigh has some amazing places to eat, and the Convention Center has some pretty tasty places right outside its back door like Fire Wok, Happy Hole (a pizza joint), Shish Kabob, and Jimmy John’s. While those places are good, they tend to get crowded very quickly especially when events are going on. That is why I went on a mission to find some super tasty, affordable, and off the beaten path but still walkable places for you to enjoy while at different events at the Convention Center. The best part of my round up? All these places are less than a 10-minute walk from the Convention Center!

Remedy Diner Cuban

My top choices that won’t break the bank are

  • The Remedy Diner: Remedy is one of the few places downtown that offers diverse vegan and vegetarian options. They also offer selections for the meat eaters like myself. I tend to get their Cuban sandwich, and it is amazing! Also, their desserts are delicious! Chocolate cake for the win!
    Walking Time: 7 minutes
  • The Mecca Restaurant: This place is great! They offer a late night menu, so when the event is winding down and you have the munchies, head to Mecca for the Pig in a Pup appetizer. It is hushpuppies stuffed with bbq pork! Culinary genius! Mecca also serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but the hushpuppies are a late night menu item only.
    Walking Time: 7 minutes
  • Carroll’s Kitchen: Not only does Carroll’s have great food, but they also support a great cause. This non-profit restaurant strives to help the female homeless population by giving them job training, life skills, and housing. Definitely try the kolache, which is a sweet roll stuffed with a variety of fillings.
    Walking Time: 7 minutes
  • Calavera Empanadas and Tequila: This place is seriously one of my favorite places downtown. The empanadas are perfectly crisp, and the flavors are amazing. Also, you have to try the street corn! The flavor is completely worth getting corn stuck in your teeth. The drinks are also delicious. But be warned, the place is affordable as long as you don’t order a drink. It is the drinks that push this place out of the cheap eats range, but if you can swing it, order the Caipirinha.
    Walk Time: 7 minutes

Some honorable mentions that are a little bit more expensive are

  • Jose and Sons: A unique blend of Mexican and Southern cuisine. The brunch is one of the best around!
    Walk Time: 8 minutes
  • The Pitt: A Raleigh restaurant staple. This place has been written up numerous times for its barbecue and for good reason!
    Walk Time: 8 minutes
  • Bare Bones: Rustic atmosphere with great burgers. Seriously, the Bear Claw Burger is amazing.
    Walk Time: 5 minutes
Jose and Sons brunch

And for the sweet tooth, you have got to try

  • Virderi Chocolate Factory: The truffles are amazing, but the mochas are the best out there. Read my review of Virderi to learn more about it!
    Walk Time: 8 minutes
  • Treat: Amazing ice cream and milkshakes! They are also open until 11 pm on Friday and Saturday nights!
    Walk Time: 8 minutes
  • Amorino Gelato: The gelato tastes like you went to Italy! Plus, they can shape your ice cream cone to be a rose! An instagramable moment with your dessert!
    Walk Time: 6 minutes
Gelato flower


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The Blowing Rock became a tourist attraction due to its distinct wind pattern and the legend that explains that wind flow. Due to the rock formation’s shape and the gorge where the rock is located, the wine blows upwards at that particular point. But according to legend, it is the Great Spirits who changed the laws of nature for love. The legend tells of a Cherokee brave being in love with the chief’s daughter.

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