Why We Are Staying at a Hotel for Raleigh Supercon

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After much debate, my husband, Trae, and I decided to get a hotel for Raleigh Supercon. The thing is we live about an hour away. We have done cons before where we drive home for the night and return the next day, but considering that Raleigh Supercon is slowly morphing into our seventh wedding anniversary celebration, we both figured treating ourselves to a hotel was the right decision.

But our wedding anniversary wasn’t our only reasoning for getting a room. Some other reasons we decided to get a hotel were:

  • Distance
    Two of the hotels, the Raleigh Marriot City Center and the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel, can be seen from the Convention Center. Seriously, the photos of these two hotels in the post were taken while standing in Sir Walter Raleigh’s statue’s shadow! They are super close! I love that!The other hotel, the Holiday Inn Raleigh, is just a 15-minute walk from the Convention Center. The walk is easy,  and you pass great places to eat and drink during your walk. I haven’t ever stayed at the Holiday Inn, but my husband stays there for East Coast Gaming Conference each year. He says the rooms are nice, and obviously, they must be if he keeps staying there. We, however, have decided to stay at the Marriot for the con.

    Another bonus of a hotel room is that parking downtown can be a hassle, so with a room, I won’t be fighting for a spot in a parking garage. Heck, it might even prevent me from doing last minute crafting in the garage! (Okay, so in reality, I will be last minute crafting in an air conditioned hotel room, but I consider that an upgrade!)

  • Convenience
    Not only are the hotels near the Convention Center, but they are also right downtown, and I have a slight crush on Downtown Raleigh. There are great coffee shops, bars, and restaurants downtown. Look for my next post where I highlight some of the best places within walking distance to grab a bite or a drink. The places right next to the Marriot and Sheraton tend to get crowded, but if you walk just a bit further, you will have some awesome eats. But food isn’t the only convenience.

    I tend to get migraines, so I am comforted by the idea that my room will be nearby if I feel one coming on. Normally if I feel one coming on and if I can get to my medicine quickly, drink a Coke and lay down for 30 minutes, I can prevent it from becoming a full-fledged migraine. I think if anyone has any medical issue or anxiety, having a hotel room to escape to would be very helpful, and in the long run, help you enjoy the con to your fullest potential.

  • Costume Changes
    Normally I only have one costume planned, but not this time! I have several planned for this con! (Spoilers Sweetie!) My awesome mom and I were planning costumes this weekend, and I think I have some pretty awesome stuff planned. I can’t wait!I like the idea of being able to set up shop, per say, in a hotel room. I can leave out my sewing machine and prep all the costumes pieces the night before. I can walk right over to the con and not worry about trying to sit in a car or trying to change in the parking garage, which yes, I have done before. And yes, it was awkward.However, even though I have some awesome costumes planned, I don’t want to be in full costume for my photo ops. I really like the idea that I can do a quick change for my celebrity photos. I plan on “bounding” in an outfit inspired by the celebrity I am getting a picture with, so the idea of a quick change is WHAT.  I already have an Amy Pond in America inspired outfit picked out for my picture with Karen Gillian. Now I just need to figure out what to wear for L. B.
  • Naps
    I think this con will wear me out and I don’t want to miss any of the Thursday Night VIP party! I am gonna need a nap!Seriously though, I am relieved that Trae and I won’t be driving home when we are overly tired. I think being able to take breaks in our room will help a lot. Also, the idea of not driving home super tired, late at night is a huge benefit of getting a room!
  • The Sweet Deals!
    Have you seen the perks that come with getting a room from a con supported hotel?!? You actually SAVE money by getting a room! Seriously. Normally the Marriott rooms start at 249 per night and SuperCon has managed to snag them for 149 a night! Supercon has managed to get an awesome deal at each hotel. Seriously, these hotels are normally way out of our budget, but we can swing Supercon prices.Not only do you get an awesome price, but if you book a room you get a Golden Ticket upgrade.With a Gold Ticket, you get
    ~Early Vendor Room access  (30 minutes before official open)
    ~Autograph & Photo Op Fast Lane Pass (You get to skip the lines!)
    ~A Drawstring Bag
    ~An Exclusive Poster
    ~A ticket to the Thursday Night Opening Night VIP Party (8:00pm-1:00am)
    ~20% Discount at the Supercon merchandise booth.The way the upgrade works is a little unclear on the website, but I called and got it clarified. Each night you get a hotel room, you get an upgraded ticket. One Golden Ticket is awarded for each night you stay in a hotel, but the ticket itself is good for the whole con, which means in our case, we both get Golden Tickets. The way it works is if you are staying two nights,  you get two Golden Tickets. If you only stay one night, you just get one upgraded ticket. So if you have two people in a room, you will both get to use the fast pass but only one of you will have Thursday Night VIP party access.And to me, that is a deal. A full VIP pass is 250 dollars.While the Golden Ticket doesn’t have all the perks of a VIP, such as the Friday Night VIP Cocktail Party with more celebrities, it has many of the VIP perks and a hotel room. A VIP ticket is $250 dollars and no hotel room! For us, getting a hotel room is more economical than getting a VIP ticket. I would highly encourage you to do the math before ruling out getting a room; you seriously might be surprised when adding up the numbers.

Even if you live in Raleigh, I would truly suggest that you consider getting a hotel for Supercon. I have friends who live in Raleigh who get hotels each year for Animazement because of the convenience. Seriously, I am super glad that Trae and I decided to get a hotel room. Raleigh SuperCon is our first big con, and I think having a room will overall make the experience even more enjoyable.

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