Boone, NC: A Perfect Writer’s Retreat

My Boone home last week

Let’s be real for a second: Life is hard, and sometimes a girl just needs to escape to the mountains. I hadn’t been writing on the blog as much and in general, just feeling overwhelmed, so I did something a little unexpected for me. I booked a treehouse cabin/tiny house in Boone, NC for a whole week. Just me and the trees. And ya’ll, it was incredible. I started this post while in Boone, writing while I was drinking coffee, listening to the Moana soundtrack (my newest obsession), and looking at the mountains. My soul couldn’t have asked for more.

My morning view while drinking coffee

I booked the cabin based off of seven atrocious, blurry photos on VRBO and a gut feeling that this place was meant to be mine. I am so happy I listened to my gut. Trees surrounded the cabin, and each morning I have had my coffee while sitting on a giant rock. Friday I didn’t even leave the cabin but instead sat in the hot tub while the rain sprinkled down, sipping wine. Pure bliss.

I know I have proclaimed my undying love for Asheville numerous times, so to many, I am sure it comes as a surprise that I picked Boone for my get away.  In many ways, Boone is a mini-Asheville with a small, fun downtown and awesome restaurants. And in true bad blogger fashion, I didn’t do the best at capturing any of these moments. (#Sorrynotsorry, Black Cat Burrito is too delicious not to inhale immediately.)

Photo from Downtown Boone’s Facebook page

Another reason I picked Boone over Asheville is I that I have a lot of happy memories there. When I was a child, my parents and I used to visit Blowing Rock. We always stayed at the small Blowing Rock Inn, ate breakfast at a long gone breakfast place that had buttery French toast drowned in syrup, and then walked around the shops. We would never miss going into a shop that sold hats and trying on crazy-looking hats. My father always made me laugh because with his large head made the hats look small and clownish.

Boone also has easy access to the Blue Ridge Parkway, a drive that can clear any mind, and a lot of hiking trails. One of my favorite places to go is Julian Price Park, which is also a throwback to my childhood. The park has creeks woven throughout the property and picnic tables nestled next to creekbeds. My family would pack picnic lunches, and I would play in the cold waters until my toes turned blue. As an adult, I discovered there is a great hiking trail to a waterfall right at Julian Price Park. I am a sucker for a hike that ends with big boulders that I can climb on and then sit on as I listen to the sounds of water. So that is exactly what I did on Thursday.

Midway up the Julian Price Park waterfall

I also love going to the Moses Cone Manor, which is an old manor that now has high-end crafts for sale. The Manor also has walking trails dotted along the property. I tried visiting there this trip, but my GPS has other ideas. I ended up in the middle of the House’s park area on a dirt road for five miles. I honestly loved my side adventure and didn’t care one bit that I didn’t make it to the Manor because I got to ride right in the heart of the woods, confident my Subaru wouldn’t let me down.

GPS Adventures on a dirt road

I also managed to go to The Blowing Rock, so look for that post next week! Overall, if you are looking for a peaceful getaway with good food and nature, then Boone is the place to go. I know I will be booking that cabin again in the future!

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