Why We Are Staying at a Hotel for Raleigh Supercon

This post is part of a series in partnership with Raleigh Supercon.

After much debate, my husband, Trae, and I decided to get a hotel for Raleigh Supercon. The thing is we live about an hour away. We have done cons before where we drive home for the night and return the next day, but considering that Raleigh Supercon is slowly morphing into our seventh wedding anniversary celebration, we both figured treating ourselves to a hotel was the right decision.

But our wedding anniversary wasn’t our only reasoning for getting a room. Some other reasons we decided to get a hotel were:

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Boone, NC: A Perfect Writer’s Retreat

My Boone home last week

Let’s be real for a second: Life is hard, and sometimes a girl just needs to escape to the mountains. I hadn’t been writing on the blog as much and in general, just feeling overwhelmed, so I did something a little unexpected for me. I booked a treehouse cabin/tiny house in Boone, NC for a whole week. Just me and the trees. And ya’ll, it was incredible. I started this post while in Boone, writing while I was drinking coffee, listening to the Moana soundtrack (my newest obsession), and looking at the mountains. My soul couldn’t have asked for more.

My morning view while drinking coffee

I booked the cabin based off of seven atrocious, blurry photos on VRBO and a gut feeling that this place was meant to be mine. I am so happy I listened to my gut. Trees surrounded the cabin, and each morning I have had my coffee while sitting on a giant rock. Friday I didn’t even leave the cabin but instead sat in the hot tub while the rain sprinkled down, sipping wine. Pure bliss.

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Beginner Sewing Hacks

This post is part of a series in partnership with Raleigh Supercon.

I know I have mentioned it before, but I am a sewing newbie. My first true cosplay costume, Arrietty, brought on several (0kay…a lot) of tears. I honestly wanted to give up. But just like anything else, sewing takes practice to get good at it. Even if you don’t have sewing goddess status, you shouldn’t let your lack of skills keep you from making some pretty epic cosplays. I managed to pull off Mrs. Potts from the animated Beauty and the Beast without using the sewing machine once.

My number one hack is stitch witchery, which is at almost every craft store.  Stitch Witchery is like sewing tape; you just lay it down between your fabric, apply an iron, and BAM! fabric is “sewn” together. For my Mrs. Potts costume, I added all the ribbon and china pattern to my skirt just using stitch witchery, and it is still holding strong. When you stitch witch ribbon, you will have to do two layers of ribbon so the stich witchery doesn’t show through.

My other top hack is the glue gun. Never underestimate the power of a glue gun. Glue guns are a thing of beauty. My Toad hat was held together by the strength of the glue gun. Just be careful with what fabric you use a glue gun on because the glue will seep through the fabric.

Another hack is more advice than hack, and that is to splurge on good fabric scissors. I use to think my mother was nuts because she was so protective of her fabric scissors. It wasn’t until I got my own pair that I realized why she treasured them so. Seriously, a good pair of fabric scissors makes cutting so much easier because they are so sharp and get a cleaner cut than regular scissors. Just make sure you maintain your scissors and only use them for fabric. I keep mine in their own container, so I don’t accidentally use them for something else.

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