Randomness on the Road to Bath

This really isn’t a post. It is more of a “Wow. North Carolina can be a super random state!” When Trae and I went to Bath, I found myself telling Trae to make u-turns because I just had to get a shot of this most bizarre/ random/ awesome thing for Instagram.

It wasn’t until after the trip and I started editing my photos that I realized I just had to share them on the blog. So please, enjoy this “not really a post, but more of a visual journal with some commentary” post!

This Yogi Bear, located on some twisty backroads, was the mascot for a defunct storage unit business.

Hey, Boo-Boo!

Before going to Bath, we ended up in Belhaven, which happens to be the perfect setting for a Twilight Zone episode. The town has an apocalyptic feel with a few upscale boutiques spread out among the abandon storefronts. Everyone walking around was either multi-colored from finishing a color run or wearing wife beaters with cut-off jeans.

Belhaven’s main drag

We went to Belhaven hoping to visit The Belhaven Memorial Museum located in the old City Hall. The Memorial Museum’s artifacts are comprised mainly of Miss Eva’s more than 10,0000 item collection of oddities. The Museum boasts to having fleas dressed as a bride and groom, a two-headed kitten, and an unspent Civil War shell. After obsessively checking the website and even emailing the Chamber of Commerce, I still had a gut feeling that the museum wouldn’t be open…and I was right. The museum was locked up tight with no sign of life. And while I want to see some weird stuff, I don’t think we will be returning to Belhaven to see Miss Eva’s collection.

I was very glad that we were able to salvage the day by going Bath. One of the coolest things we passed on the way to Bath was a closed amphitheater. A quick Google search showed that is used to be the Ormond Amphitheater. I convinced Trae to pull into the theater’s overgrown parking lot so I could take pictures while he stayed in the car and yelled for me to hurry up because he didn’t want to get arrested. (Pish Posh, no one was going to arrest us.)

To round off this collection of unusual sights, I give you Crab Cat, who was located in front of a vet outside of Bath.

Leave me a comment and let me know is one of the oddest or most unusual things you have seen on the back roads of North Carolina.

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