The Only Pattern You’ll Need for A Beginner Cosplayer

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One of the reasons I enjoy doing theater is the costumes. I love how putting on a costume can transform you into someone you have always wanted to be. Want to be a Disney Princess or Super Woman? Or heck a Jedi Ewok?  A costume allows you do to that. I have always wanted to live in an area where I could do cosplay because my costume wearing was always limited to Halloween and theater. I know that I will never be like Brittney “Chiki” Fischer from the FanDames Initiative, but that doesn’t keep me from having fun with cosplay. Seriously, her Disney cosplays make me swoon. The level of detail is gorgeous. You really should go check out her Instagram too @chikicosplay. The Frozen Anna with antlers is just amazing. (It really, really makes me want to finish my own antler headpiece project, which is so far the biggest cosplay piece I have attempted to make.)

Truth be told, I don’t have extensive sewing skills. I am working on improving them, but I have had a lot of cosplay success with McCall’s M7313 dress pattern. The pattern is very simple; the fact that the sleeves, top, and skirt are all separate pieces make the pattern extremely easy to manipulate.

Some ideas are:

-You can stick with the pattern “as is” like I did for my first cosplay, Arrietty.  I did, however, use a cotton fabric instead of the jersey or knit recommended fabrics, and the dress turned out fine.  I also didn’t put the elastic in the waist, which didn’t cause any problems what so ever.

-Make a skirt from the bottom portion of the pattern. If you do this, you will definitely have to add the elastic, but adding elastic to just a skirt waist is a lot easier than a dress waistline. Also, the skirt portion can easily be made longer or shorter.

-Just use the top half as a shirt or vest. If you want to make a shirt that isn’t a crop top, just lengthen the bottom portion of the fabric. For a vest, just slit the front of the top, which is what I did for my Toad costume.

-Mix and match colors! For my newest Mrs. Potts’ costume, I am having a gold sleeve, a purple skirt, and a white top. While I will not be round like a teapot, I like the idea of an abstract, almost Disney-bounding costume. Think about how you can take your favorite character and use the pattern to make a dress inspired by that character’s style. I think Zelda or any Star Wars droid would translate wonderfully with this pattern.

So go ahead and order this pattern, especially since it is on sale. Then come back to check out my next post in this Supercon series for some sewing hacks to make your costuming even easier!

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