Randomness on the Road to Bath

This really isn’t a post. It is more of a “Wow. North Carolina can be a super random state!” When Trae and I went to Bath, I found myself telling Trae to make u-turns because I just had to get a shot of this most bizarre/ random/ awesome thing for Instagram.

It wasn’t until after the trip and I started editing my photos that I realized I just had to share them on the blog. So please, enjoy this “not really a post, but more of a visual journal with some commentary” post!

This Yogi Bear, located on some twisty backroads, was the mascot for a defunct storage unit business.

Hey, Boo-Boo!

Before going to Bath, we ended up in Belhaven, which happens to be the perfect setting for a Twilight Zone episode. The town has an apocalyptic feel with a few upscale boutiques spread out among the abandon storefronts. Everyone walking around was either multi-colored from finishing a color run or wearing wife beaters with cut-off jeans.

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The Only Pattern You’ll Need for A Beginner Cosplayer

This post is part of a series in partnership with Raleigh Supercon

One of the reasons I enjoy doing theater is the costumes. I love how putting on a costume can transform you into someone you have always wanted to be. Want to be a Disney Princess or Super Woman? Or heck a Jedi Ewok?  A costume allows you do to that. I have always wanted to live in an area where I could do cosplay because my costume wearing was always limited to Halloween and theater. I know that I will never be like Brittney “Chiki” Fischer from the FanDames Initiative, but that doesn’t keep me from having fun with cosplay. Seriously, her Disney cosplays make me swoon. The level of detail is gorgeous. You really should go check out her Instagram too @chikicosplay. The Frozen Anna with antlers is just amazing. (It really, really makes me want to finish my own antler headpiece project, which is so far the biggest cosplay piece I have attempted to make.)

Truth be told, I don’t have extensive sewing skills. I am working on improving them, but I have had a lot of cosplay success with McCall’s M7313 dress pattern. The pattern is very simple; the fact that the sleeves, top, and skirt are all separate pieces make the pattern extremely easy to manipulate.

Some ideas are:

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Visiting Bath, NC: North Carolina’s Oldest Town

As a kid, I always took field trips to Old Salem. I guess since my routine was to visit Old Salem, I never really have given much thought to other historic towns in North Carolina. So I washistoricexcited when we accidently found ourselves in Bath, NC a couple of Saturdays ago.

Bath is North Carolina’s oldest town. This minuscule town was founded in 1705 by John Lawson. Lawson also founded the town of New Bern, NC, which is another quaint place to visit. Bath was the capital of North Carolina until 1722. But what people remember about Bath is the notorious pirate Blackbeard lived there. Apparently, Bath was the town he retired to, but he got bored and returned in piracy. I can image a town of about 50 residents would be boring compared to pirating.

Today the town is still very small. In 2010, the population was about 249. I honestly think my neighborhood has more than 249 people! With such a small population, the town gives off a relaxing and lazy vibe. We picked up a Historic Bath Walking Tour brochure at the Vistors Center, the only somewhat modern looking building in Bath, and proceeded to wandered down the middle of the street, rarely having to move for cars. We would have walked on the sidewalks, but there were none to be found.

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