Videri Chocolate: Satisfying the Sweet Tooth

Videri Chocolate in Raleigh, NC is a sweetery and coffee shop located on the outskirts of downtown. Honestly, it is the perfect place to go for a light dessert after an amazing meal at The Pit or Jose and Sons.

Photo from Videri’s Facebook page

Videri Chocolate has a rustic feel with exposed beams and brickwork. To the right is glass cases filled with truffles. To the back left is the coffee shop where shipping chocolate is being churned.

The back is the factory where visitors can walk and see the chocolate being made. Peepholes allow you to see the entire chocolate process. Most days you can see the chocolatiers making the sweets, and signs next to the peepholes explaining the process of making the chocolates. You can also contact Videri for a paid tour; we haven’t taken one, but I really want to.

Videri’s truffles look like little jewels in the showcase; they have a shine from what I can only assume is eatable luster dust. When biting into them, the chocolate has the perfect snap to reveal a thick and creamy center. The flavors are unique combinations that shouldn’t work but are absolutely divine like banana jasmine ganache.

The truffles pair perfectly with the coffee shop’s mocha. The mocha is made with a darker chocolate to keep the coffee from being cloyingly sweet.

The truffles and coffee shop are divided by shelves stocked with chocolate products like cocoa mix and baking chocolate. I had a hard time not buying one of the bags of baking chocolate,  but I guess I can just use that as an excuse to go back there soon!

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