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Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC

One of the biggest lessons we have learned in our six years of marriage is that “adventure is out there…if you say yes to it” Sure most of that motto from Pixar’s UP, but it is true.

When Trae and I started dating way back in the day, I had him doing some pretty random stuff: swimming at the Lake Hartwell dam, sliding down Sliding Rock near Boone, NC, and even swimming in Clemson University’s reflection pond. I had to drag him most of the time, especially when it came to hoping the fence to get to the dam’s swimming hole, but when we got to the end destination, he had a blast. My wanderlust pairs nicely with his reality. (I every once in awhile need to be reminded of the logistics of things. Unless that thing is getting on a plane to Vietnam, then all bets are off.)

A very young Carrie sliding down Sliding Rock

Since moving almost five years ago, we have had numerous adventures from Valentine’s Day dinner at an aquarium to going to a Star Wars themed Canes hockey game. Just recently we went to the Greenway in Greenville and took home-made shifters out to the creek to look for prehistoric sharks teeth! We ended up with around 30 teeth varying in sizes from super tiny to pretty big. A couple of weekends ago we went to the beach and lazed around. (Not all good adventures have to be Goonies “never say die” action packed. A relaxing day on the beach or in the mountains can be a great way to make memories.)

Sunset at a North Carolina beach

Most importantly, many of these adventures have been in our own backyard. It is important to remember that you don’t have to leave the state or country to have an adventure. The purpose of going on an adventure it is to have a break your everyday routine and create a memory that will cause you to smile and think back on fondly.

Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC

While TripAdvisor and Yelp are typically our go-to for adventure finding, these websites tend to have adventure ideas that are not Trip or Yelp:

Atlas Obscura
This website lists a bunch of truly obscure places to visit like Clyde’s Critter Crossing in Pittsboro, NC.

Only In Your State
Only In Your State pops up a lot in my Facebook feed and is always recommending the best and most unique places to eat like The Restaurant at Gideon Ridge in Blowing Rock, NC. But restaurants aren’t the only thing this website specializes in. They have a lot of great places to see and things to do as well!

Road Trippers
Road Trippers is super neat because it will map out your whole trip and show you where to stop for “weird stuff,” attractions, restaurants, natural wonders, and even places to stay! We like using this one when we go visit family since they live so far away, and it gives us a reason to take a break from driving.

Roadside America
This website focuses completely on the oddities that a state has to offer like the Giant Milkshake in King, NC. While the website isn’t the prettiest or easiest to navigate, you can still find a lot of unique gems on it.


Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC

All of these websites show the wackiest and most off-the-beaten path attractions every state has to offer. A quick North Carolina search brings up hang gliding off Jockey’ Ridge in Nag’s Head, visiting the whirligigs at Acid Park in Wilson, and walking the Road to No Where in the Smokey Mountains. So the real question is, where to next?


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