Tapped: The Best Place to Grab a Pint in Greenville, NC

Beer can day

Did you know today is Beer Can Appreciation Day? I know this sounds odd, but I love beer cans. I think beer companies come up with some of the punniest names and greatest art for their cans.

beer can day 9

Lonerider Brewery just rebranded, and I love their new look.  I keep wondering what kind of DIY I can come up with so I can turn those cans into coasters.

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My favorite place to go to look at beer cans and drink a cold one is Tapped 650 in Greenville, NC. It helps that Tapped, a bottle/ can shop that also serves draft beer, is on our way home from work; Trae and I tend to find ourselves there after a particularly hard day at work or after a win at work. (It is amazing that grading a stack of papers now has become a reason to celebrate with a beer!)


Tapped is located in a nondescript shopping center, but they have managed to create a  pleasant outdoor sitting area complete with a water bowl for Fido. The best thing about Tapped is the variety. Their 20 taps are constantly rotating, which is great because a lot of bars in Greenville tend to have the same beers on tap over and over again. But it isn’t just the rotating taps that make this place great; Tapped also has over 200 cans/ bottles of beer for purchase, which means plenty of beer can art! They also frequently have tap takeovers. We loved when Catawba Brewery was featured at Tapped because it reminded us of when we lived in the mountains.

beer can day 8

Another great thing about Tapped is the way their group their beers; they group everything by type. So all stouts are with stouts and not grouped by brand. A lot of places tend to group beers together by brand, so for the non-beer connoisseur picking a new beer to try is daunting. Yet, at Tapped I feel comfortable trying new beers because I can go to my section. (It is almost like a beer bookstore. Pick your genre, read the can, buy!)

beer can day 3

Next time you are in Greenville, NC, head over to Tapped. It is one of the best places to go on National Beer Can Appreciation Day or another other day of the year!

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