Five Ways to Use Social Media to Plan Your Date Night


Sometimes I feel like Trae and I get into a dating rut: dinner and a movie. (Actually, it is more like Chinese take-out and Redbox.) And honestly, this bothers me a little bit, especially since our area has a lot of fun events going on. The problem is trying to figure out what events are going on, who is having events, etc. I have found social media is the best way to be in the loop on what events are going on and to also know when a lot of unique events are happening.

And since the weekend is fastly approaching, here are the five tips on how to use social media to enhance your date night.

1. Like your local town’s page as well as surrounding towns’ pages

Towns continually update their pages not only with the news but also with new businesses opening up and community events. Trae and I just learned that our town is holding its first food truck rodeo thanks to its Facebook page. Also, thanks to the town’s Facebook page, we learned one of our favorite, but normally too expensive to eat at, restaurants is holding a tasting for its new menu items. Looks like we have two yummy dates in our future! We also like Raleigh’s page and get tons of updates of fun events and downtown festivals that are only a short drive away. Not too long ago we went to watch The Goonies (Trae’s favorite movie) for free in Raleigh’s town square. Don’t forget to check to see if your town’s downtown has their own Facebook page. A lot of times towns will have one main Facebook page and then one downtown page. Greenville, SC, has two pages, and I used to get a lot of great ideas and updates from their downtown page when we lived in that area.

2. Like restaurant pages

Many times new restaurants will have opening specials or soft openings to help drum up business. Grand openings or soft openings tend to have special deals and be cheaper than after the restaurant has been open after awhile. You can learn about these new restaurants by liking town pages, who tend to feature new businesses. Once you learn about the new restaurant, go ahead and like its page so you can be notified when the restaurant opens. Also, like your favorite restaurant’s pages; many times they will feature special nights, such as trivia, drink specials, or themed dinners on their pages. Every once in awhile our favorite pub will have tap takeovers, and we get to try new beers that aren’t sold in the area yet. Since Trae homebrews, he loves going to the pub during tap takeovers so he can try new beers at a reduced rate.

3. Like museums, art galleries, and business pages

An event featured on the Facebook page for the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh

We love going to art galleries. When a new artist is featured, the gallery puts on an opening reception with free food and drinks. These opening receptions happen sporadically, so liking the gallery’s Facebook page is a good way to keep up with the receptions. Also, museums tend to have appreciation days where people can get in for a reduced rate or free. Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC, has a teachers’ appreciation day, where we can get in for free with our school id’s. The palace’s main website, however, never lists this date; it can only be found on its social media pages.

4. Like a local college’s page

Any community college or university’s social media page is a great way to learn about events. A lot of guest speakers will come and those events are normally free to the public. I recently saw Frank Warren from PostSecret and got to talk to him for about 30 minutes afterward because all the students left. Only five people stayed behind to have books signed. Also, our local university puts on wonderful theater productions and the tickets are always very reasonable. We not only liked the college’s page, but also the college’s theater department’s page in order to get the dates of when the productions are going on.

5. Enter contests

Sounds crazy, but I promise you that people do in fact win those contests. Trae and I won a prize package valuing over $500 to the Biltmore Estate last July. We got a catered lunch in the middle of the Estate’s grape vineyard as well as an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the winery. We also go a roof top tour of the house as a part of the prize. I constantly enter legit Facebook contests, and I have won two in the last six months. The Our State magazine Facebook page constantly has contests, and the prizes are normally overnight stays at snazzy places!

The latest Facebook profile picture for Our State
The latest Facebook profile picture for Our State

Even though all these tips are geared towards Facebook, they can also be applied to Instagram and Twitter. A lot of times I find different information on a place’s different social media outlets. Some restaurants will even tweet secret words so you get an extra discount on your meal! So if you really like a restaurant, theater or art gallery, make sure you follow them on all of their social media outlets.

So let me know in the comments, what dates were you able to plan using social media?

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