Cuddling Up: A Guide to Get Your Snuggle On


Happy National Cuddle Up Day! Here in North Carolina the temperatures have finally started to drop, and it is finally feeling like cuddle-time weather. And with a snow storm fast approaching, I say bring on the cuddling!

I love the nights when we are in bed because television isn’t appealing and we are too tired to read, so we cuddle and talk. We laughed a lot too. It was the best way to end the night. Not only is cuddling fun, but it is also have been scientifically proven to have health benefits. According to Life Hack, Oxycontin, the feel good hormone, is released when you cuddle.

If you are feeling good when you are cuddling with your spouse, then you are more likely to associate happy feelings with your spouse. That fight you had a while ago will seem like a distant memory. Science actually suggests that you should cuddle with your spouse ten minutes a day because it helps strengthen your connection as a couple. I mean, lying down being snuggled for ten minutes a day is something I can handle…especially if science tells me it is good for my relationship!

Some things to think about when trying to get a good cuddle on is

  • Turn off the TV.
    The TV can be relaxing, but you aren’t focused on each other when it is on. You are focused more on the characters of the show or the plot. I know a NCIS marathon is hard to turn away from, but Abby will be there during the next marathon. Promise.
  • Silence the cell phone.
    Nothing breaks relaxation like the ping of the cellphone whether it be a Twitter or a text.  I know I cannot resist looking at my phone when it pings, and then I get caught up in responding which leads to ignoring Trae. Silent cellphones mean notification ignorance bliss!
  • Play mood music.
    YouTube has tons of instrumental music and relaxing music playlists. Pick your favorite and let the music help you relax.
  • Put on some comfy pajamas.
    No explanation needed! Comfy pajamas equals comfy cuddling!
  • Invest in good pillows.
    I have a bad back, so when we are cuddling, I want to be as cozy and comfy as possible. My back has been in a good bit of pain these days, so having a good pillow for support helps the cuddling feel even better. We have become huge fans of the Biltmore for Your Home pillows, which you can buy at Belk.
  • Talk to each other.
    How often do you really ask your spouse how their day is going? Or plan the future together? Last night Trae and I ended up discussing vacation options for Spring Break. Cuddling and discussing cruising versus Vegas…pure bliss
  • Maybe have a cat in your lap.
    Purring cats make everything better.

So make some hot chocolate, cuddle up, and watch the snow fall!

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