A Self-Reflection: Alt a Year Later

Alt pic

*Disclaimer: This post is a little different for The Carolina Couple. I do not want people to think that I am being judge-y about weight or calling anyone overweight. I am just being honest about my personal struggles.*

A year ago, I went to a blogging conference to promote my old blog, Wow and Vow Days. Going to the conference that year was difficult because I had such a poor self-image.  I wrote about my self-image struggles, and that post became one of the most read posts on Wow and Vow Days. And I thought a year later I would revisit the topic of self-image.

I wish I could say that I was in a better place with my looks. In some ways, I am, but in a lot of ways, I am not. When the other conference released pictures on their Flikr, I felt even worse about my body. All I saw was pudge and double chins. I couldn’t even get excited that I met a celebrity because I saw a double-chinned, non-fashionable girl in my photo.  I realize that a lot of those thoughts were due to a negative morphed self-view, but it didn’t stop me from feeling awful about my looks. Continue reading “A Self-Reflection: Alt a Year Later”

Tapped: The Best Place to Grab a Pint in Greenville, NC

Beer can day

Did you know today is Beer Can Appreciation Day? I know this sounds odd, but I love beer cans. I think beer companies come up with some of the punniest names and greatest art for their cans.

beer can day 9

Lonerider Brewery just rebranded, and I love their new look.  I keep wondering what kind of DIY I can come up with so I can turn those cans into coasters.

beer can day 7

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Five Ways to Use Social Media to Plan Your Date Night


Sometimes I feel like Trae and I get into a dating rut: dinner and a movie. (Actually, it is more like Chinese take-out and Redbox.) And honestly, this bothers me a little bit, especially since our area has a lot of fun events going on. The problem is trying to figure out what events are going on, who is having events, etc. I have found social media is the best way to be in the loop on what events are going on and to also know when a lot of unique events are happening.

And since the weekend is fastly approaching, here are the five tips on how to use social media to enhance your date night.

1. Like your local town’s page as well as surrounding towns’ pages

Towns continually update their pages not only with the news but also with new businesses opening up and community events. Trae and I just learned that our town is holding its first food truck rodeo thanks to its Facebook page. Also, thanks to the town’s Facebook page, we learned one of our favorite, but normally too expensive to eat at, restaurants is holding a tasting for its new menu items. Looks like we have two yummy dates in our future! We also like Raleigh’s page and get tons of updates of fun events and downtown festivals that are only a short drive away. Not too long ago we went to watch The Goonies (Trae’s favorite movie) for free in Raleigh’s town square. Don’t forget to check to see if your town’s downtown has their own Facebook page. A lot of times towns will have one main Facebook page and then one downtown page. Greenville, SC, has two pages, and I used to get a lot of great ideas and updates from their downtown page when we lived in that area.

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My Love Letter to the Clemson Family

Clemson stadium hands off

Dear Clemson Family,

I am so proud to be a part of this family. At the young age of 18, I had no idea what an extended family I was entering into when an acceptance letter came to my parent’s house. This family has a unique bond that other colleges just don’t offer. Regardless if you graduated from Clemson or have spent your life cheering for your Tigers, you are a part of this family.

Clemson is the only place I know that would come together 70,000 strong to not only support the team who won the National Championship but to also honor those who came before that winning team. In true Clemson fashion, you came out with your orange and cheered on the 1981 National Championship team and other alumni players as if they were the ones who had thrown the winning touchdown. And in a way, they did throw it because you realize that each Tiger who had come before this team laid the foundation for this win.

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The History Behind Clemson Paw Stamped Two-Dollar Bills


Anybody watching the National Championship trends on Instagram or any other social media has probably noticed these nutty Clemson fans showing off stacks of two-dollar bills stamped with tigers paws followed by the hashtag #nattybound.

Why would so many Clemson fans have huge stacks of two-dollar bills? And why would Clemson and surrounding area banks make sure they have extra two-dollar bills during bowl game season? Because Clemson fans are a stubborn, proud clan.


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Snowmageddon Cocktail


It is snowing! Granted not the 8 inches the weatherman originally promised and we have more ice than snow, but I will take it! (Fingers crossed it is enough to cancel school on Monday!)

Regardless of the ice to snow ratio, I am still enjoying snuggling on the couch in my pjs with the husband and kitties. All the milk and bread is gone from every North Carolina grocery store within a 50-mile radius, but the liquor store had all the ingredients I needed to make the perfect Snowmageddon Cocktail.

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Cuddling Up: A Guide to Get Your Snuggle On


Happy National Cuddle Up Day! Here in North Carolina the temperatures have finally started to drop, and it is finally feeling like cuddle-time weather. And with a snow storm fast approaching, I say bring on the cuddling!

I love the nights when we are in bed because television isn’t appealing and we are too tired to read, so we cuddle and talk. We laughed a lot too. It was the best way to end the night. Not only is cuddling fun, but it is also have been scientifically proven to have health benefits. According to Life Hack, Oxycontin, the feel good hormone, is released when you cuddle.

If you are feeling good when you are cuddling with your spouse, then you are more likely to associate happy feelings with your spouse. That fight you had a while ago will seem like a distant memory. Science actually suggests that you should cuddle with your spouse ten minutes a day because it helps strengthen your connection as a couple. I mean, lying down being snuggled for ten minutes a day is something I can handle…especially if science tells me it is good for my relationship!

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How to Balance Working and Blogging


While the New Year brings a time of reflection and resolutions for many, Trae and I tend to follow the school calendar. We both work at a community college, so for us, the “New Year” starts at the beginning of each fall semester. Yet, at the start of this new semester, I find myself really wanting to focus on balancing my job and my blog. I consider my blog a job as well because while I enjoy it tremendously, the blog requires work in writing posts, taking pictures, doing social media, and the likes.

I really let my blog slide during the fall, and it was because I had gotten out of my blogging routine. Routines are extremely important because it allows blogging to become second nature. Some tips that I have learned from over a year of blogging are:

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