Biscuit Head: The Best Breakfast Joint in Greenville, SC


Biscuit Head originated in Asheville, NC, and thank goodness has expanded to Greenville, SC. Without their magical cat head biscuits or maple bacon latte, I am not sure if we would have survived a car break down in South Carolina.

A couple of weekends ago, we went to visit Trae’s family and see the Clemson University football game. When we started home on Sunday, the check engine light came on. We had to scramble to contact bosses in order to make sure we could stay in Greenville, SC for another night. By 8:30 am Monday morning, we had the car at the Subaru dealership. (A completely unrelated sidenote, we absolutely love this dealership. All of my family’s Subarus have come from this place, and we were greeted like family when we walked in. My mother has even been in a commercial for this place!) By 9:00 am, we were at Biscuit Head. By 9:10 am, we were smiling again over coffee and a bacon maple latte. (Who knew that a bacon garnish soaked in coffee could taste so wonderful?!?)


Biscuit Head’s cat head sized biscuits aren’t a gimmick; they are fluffy and light, making them the perfect vehicle for a Jam Bar tasting. We tend to order one plain biscuit just so we can sample all the different jams. My favorite is probably the peach rosemary while Trae tends to favor the pumpkin chai. However, we both agree that the banana fosters jam is truly amazing.

The breakfast biscuit menu is impressive with options such as a Brisket Biscuit, Cajun Benedict Biscuit, and Fried Catfish Biscuit. My favorite is the Mimosa Fried Chicken Biscuit with mimosa fried chicken, sweet potato butter, sriracha slaw, 
and a poached egg. I love how the sriracha slaw adds a kick without being overpowering. I know sweet potato butter and sriracha sounds odd, but trust me, paired with perfectly fried chicken is sheer bliss. Also, the poached egg, once broken, cascades over the whole biscuit. Trae got the biscuit of the day, which was a pulled chicken benedict with lettuce, tomato, tzatziki sauce, two poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. One day I will bring myself to try the French Toast Biscuit, which sounds like a gift from the culinary gods. (I have a super weak spot for French toast.)


Another great feature of Biscuit Head is the Bacon of the Day. When we visited Biscuit Head in Asheville, the bacon was Nutella flavored, and the other day in Greenville, it was honey sesame. So good! It is almost a sin to go to Biscuit Head and not try the Bacon of the Day. The bacon comes in two or four strips. We have found that two pieces are perfect for a tasting portion.

I also adore the decor: rustic and modern colliding. The Clemson tiger paw as latte art is a nice touch too! (I love how most Greenville, SC business pay homage to the Tigers.) The mismatched coffee mugs they hand out to customers helps add to the rustic feel. But the best thing about Biscuit Head is its policies. Started by a husband and wife team, the company strives to work with local companies for their meat, produce, and coffee as well as tries to make everything compostable or recyclable.


Don’t wait for disaster to strike to go eat at Biscuit Head; if you are reading this during Biscuit Head’s hours, stop reading and go there now. If you aren’t in proximity of a Biscuit Head, then you are in luck. The owners just released a cookbook and now you can make their biscuity goodness at home! (And if you are my husband reading this, I think this cookbook would look great under the Christmas tree, hint hint!)

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