Biscuit Head: The Best Breakfast Joint in Greenville, SC


Biscuit Head originated in Asheville, NC, and thank goodness has expanded to Greenville, SC. Without their magical cat head biscuits or maple bacon latte, I am not sure if we would have survived a car break down in South Carolina.

A couple of weekends ago, we went to visit Trae’s family and see the Clemson University football game. When we started home on Sunday, the check engine light came on. We had to scramble to contact bosses in order to make sure we could stay in Greenville, SC for another night. By 8:30 am Monday morning, we had the car at the Subaru dealership. (A completely unrelated sidenote, we absolutely love this dealership. All of my family’s Subarus have come from this place, and we were greeted like family when we walked in. My mother has even been in a commercial for this place!) By 9:00 am, we were at Biscuit Head. By 9:10 am, we were smiling again over coffee and a bacon maple latte. (Who knew that a bacon garnish soaked in coffee could taste so wonderful?!?)


Biscuit Head’s cat head sized biscuits aren’t a gimmick; they are fluffy and light, making them the perfect vehicle for a Jam Bar tasting. We tend to order one plain biscuit just so we can sample all the different jams. My favorite is probably the peach rosemary while Trae tends to favor the pumpkin chai. However, we both agree that the banana fosters jam is truly amazing.

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The Best Guacamole for a Tailgate Party


Here in the heart of North Carolina, the weather is perfect. There is a slight chill in the air and the leaves are changing color. But more importantly, it is perfect tailgating weather.

Being huge Clemson tiger fans, we love making the drive down to Clemson, South Carolina. However, this year we haven’t made it to a home game yet. But not making it to the games hasn’t damped our spirits. Instead, we have spent this football season trying to convert the non-Clemson fans. The best way to do that is to hold tailgate parties at the house, and this guacamole recipe has been a huge hit with our friends.

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Grand Asia Market: Raleigh’s Hidden Gem


We found the Grand Asia Market by mistake. (Seriously, isn’t that how all the best places are found?) Now, this market is one of our favorite stops when we go to Raleigh.


Trae plays hockey on a local team and had heard that Five Hole Sports off Buck Jones Road in Raleigh was the best place to get skates sharpened. Five Hole happens to be near an outdated-looking shopping complex, and in that complex, we found the Grand Asia Market. Since the town we live doesn’t have an Asian Market, we decided to check it out.

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Review of One World Brewery


I would have ignored it completely, but the oddly shaped door caught Trae’s eye.
One World Brewing is located right underneath Farm Burger, which is also new to the Asheville, NC area. (I remember when Farm Burger was an oddball antique store with rugs and vintage Time magazines.)


To get to One World, we had to go through the narrow alley that doubles a sitting area between Salsa’s and Farm Burger. (Seriously, I had to resist the urge to grab a fry or plantain chip off someone’s plate as I squeezed between tables.) When opening the door, I was convinced Trae and I were about to barge into a kitchen. But after following some purple-hued, dimly lit¬†stairs down and down, we found One Word Brewing. I really did feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole.


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