The Best Sandwich in Asheville


Trae and I went to Asheville, NC two weekends ago. We actually gave up going to the biggest Clemson University football game of the season against Louisville (which we won! Woo Hoo! Go Tigers!) to go to Alton Brown’s Every Day Cook book signing. Yes, we are those Clemson fans who brought a Tiger Rag with us and asked the very famous Georgia fan to take a picture with us.

I always love going to Asheville and look for any excuse to visit. (Fun Fact: I actually lived there for six months and worked as a tour guide at the Biltmore Estate. Yes, I sat in George Vanderbilt’s bathtub. No, I wasn’t supposed to.) This trip was super fun not only because we got to meet Alton Brown, but also because I got to visit one familiar haunt and discover a whole new place!

The Twisted Crepe is one of my favorite places to eat Downtown. It serves up the best crepe sandwiches and hardly ever has a crowd. Cafe 64, located right next to the Twisted Crepe, always has a line out the door; I have to fight the urge to pull people out of the line and drag them to the register at the Twisted Crepe. Really, why wait in line when one of the best sandwiches in Asheville is right next to you!?! Continue reading “The Best Sandwich in Asheville”