Deadwood…not dead at all!


Trae and I are always looking for fun date destinations. Our go-to places have always been New Bern or Raleigh, but now we have a new place to put to our list: Deadwood. We found ourselves at Deadwood mid-August and every since going, all we can talk about is going back there.


Deadwood is located in Williamston, NC and is place that kitschy dates are made of. When we headed out to Deadwood, the only thing we knew was that it was a Wild West “theme park” with a restaurant. I am normally a diligent researcher, but my normal avenues (TripAdvisor and Yelp) for gathering information were oddly cryptic. Deadwood’s website claims “new site coming soon,” so I ended up calling the number on the website to find out when it opened. If you plan on going yourself, I really would recommend calling ahead, because they have unusual hours. They open at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday, they open at noon.

With each winding back road we took, our expectations for Deadwood lowered, but the overly full parking lot restored our hopes. The suspense only built because we had to walk through the Wild West facade, which was still decorated for Christmas, before being able to view Deadwood in all its glory.


And upon entering Deadwood, I couldn’t put my camera down. It was amazing right down to the random fiberglass dinosaurs and the unnaturally aqua-colored pond complete with fake ducks. The theme park portion of Deadwood consisted of a small Dino-themed roller coaster, a train, a defunct water slide, and putt-putt golf. It also had a small arcade connected to an ice cream parlor that not only sold ice cream but also comic book collectibles and Deadwood t-shirts.




The restaurant was crowded, and we had about a thirty minute wait. The nice thing is that the restaurant’s buzzers work anywhere on the property so we wandered around, taking in Deadwood. When it was our turn to be seated, our table was in the main dining room, which was adorned with enough dead animals to make a PETA supporter have seizures, yet it fit perfectly with the rest of the Deadwood theme. The food was reasonably priced with appetizers being anywhere from 6 to 7 dollars and entrees around 10 to 15 dollars. (The steak was the most expensive thing on the menu.) Trae and I ended up splitting the fajitas making our entire meal under 30 bucks, which also included the cost of three beers and a side order of onion rings. (Ensuring that we had our carb intake, the onion rings were also served with buttered toast.) The beer selection was surprisingly good, and the fajitas were really tasty.  We had the combo steak and chicken fajitas, and they didn’t skimp on on the meat or veggies either. In the future, however, we will probably try the steak or a burger. We saw too many awesome looking steaks pass our table! Our waitress said that people come from all over to eat their steaks, and from what we saw, I would believe her.




Dinner was followed by putt-putt golf, for only two dollars a person. The course was just as wonderfully tacky as the rest of Deadwood with random frog and eagle statues dotting the holes. Honestly, the course was very well laid out and challenging! It was on par (ha-ha, so punny!) with those at Myrtle Beach in difficultly level.



In truth, Deadwood is a place that really shouldn’t be successful, that really shouldn’t be as fun as it is, or that really should be as tasty as it is,  but it is. We loved every thing about the place from the random, stereotypical Wild West items to the restaurant with wagon wheel chandeliers. Honestly, Deadwood is a great date night location for you to laugh with your significant other and not take yourself too seriously.



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